Outfit of the day and new pants

hey here i am again with a brand new blog post.

I made some photo's of my outfit today with a new sweater i have ^_^
IT'S SOOOOOO CUTE...i saw it..and needed to buy it...because it was too darn cute not to! :P

Cute sweater right? Bunny's ^_^

2 weeks ago i finished a new pants :-D
I've made a fancy black pants.

Inside i did a leopard pattern.

and on the inside of the pockets too!

(i like changing things with standard patterns...make it more my own)

Today my mom and i went shopping, because we are busy with making christmas gifts packages for my fathers work.
(same as last year)
and we saw at the wholesale trade Sint candy - 50% so we got some sint sweetness...my mom gave me this:

^_^ LOL i LOVE THESE!!!!!!!!!
Brings out old memories and recent memories...because the last time i had one of these eggs...maby just a few weeks ago haha lol.
Can't help it...i still like them.

That's it for today.
p.s i received my classy statement funky shoes, so expect a post about them soon!

sunday 4 december

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  1. The bunny sweater is super cute!! So are these pink boots!