Nw buys + OOTD

Ow...i should not go shopping...because i got so proud of myself for not buying any clothes for a while..coz..i don't need them...and i really love to make my own clothes.
BUT..when sale is going on like.. EVERYWHERE...and you step into the h&m and they offer an extra 20% of the sale...i just can't resist at taking a look true the sale items.

I walked out of the h&m with these 3 items:

Warm woolen sweater sale price from €10,- now €8,-

From the children department this pretty blouse from €7,- now €5,60

Also from the children department a Beatles t-shirt...i just could resist from €7,- for €5,60

At the Vero Moda i saw this really nice color belt for only €2,50

3 small belts for €2,95 (my mother bought these, we share all our accessories together)

Here's my outfit of the day (i'm wearing my new blouse and hooded vest)

I guess it's ok what i bought today, but i can't help feeling a little bit disappointed in buying stuff for my own.
If it were for my mother, i would not had a problem with it...i'm in a "don't wanna spend money on myself period" but sometimes (like today) i'm weak for extra sale items :P
I also got this feeling last week when i bought stuff for myself...but it was really cheap so that makes it more ok, i guess haha lol! I dunno...i have a weakness for really cheap sale items.

At least i'm more different then years before (sale shopaholic), i really changed a lot this year so that makes it also ok. (i hope i stay that way, i really don't need more)

Look...i am trying to sooth myself :P

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