Nw buys + OOTD

Well...i could not resist with all the sale going on.
I bought 3 new items >_<

Ok, don't laugh but you may have seen it already at my h&m orders...i sometimes buy things from the child department hahaha LOL...why not..if it fits!
Anywho, i never buy things at c&a but my mom and i went inside and we saw many things we liked, so we tried some things and i bought 2 items there.

A Blouse

This would match perfectly with the different chinos i made (blue, red, beige ect)

At the child department i bought this hoodie vest..i think it's so cute.

Both items were very cheap, €5,- for the blouse and like €7,- for the hooded vest.

I'm sooo happy i finally found the perfect pair LOAFER SHOES!!

Very warm inside ^_^
These were €10,-

Here's my outfit of the day:

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