New camera stuff

Yaay i spoiled myself with some new equipment for my camera (canon eos 400d)
I'll show you:

1: Remote controle (wireless) i already had a wireless but it broke, then i got a new remote not wireless and i was so used to the wireless that i wanted a wireless again...toke me almost 2 years to figure that out :P lol (that i like wireless better)

2: Filter adapter from a 58mm lens to a 55mm lens (so i can use my dad's fish eye wide angle lens)

3: Lens converter adapter. Pretty cool, with this adapter you can put your lens upside down on your camera. Why? So you create some sort off marco lens ^_^

4: Star filter. When you photograph will do i explain this..
This filter will produce 4 point star effects from bright sources of light.
Like this:

5: Hand grip. I don't like the neck grip thingie...i don't wear my dslr camera around my neck...that's just annoying.

6: Lens cover with string. This way i can never lose the lens cover (not that i ever did, but just incase)

7: Macro extension tubes: This way i can create 8 different macro lenses with the lenses i already got. How cool is this?
This is the cheap way for macro photography, i find loose lenses sooooo EXPENSIVE.

Now i'm busy trying it all out :P

Still need to figure out how to set the lighting ect.


  1. leuk !
    mag ik vragen waar je dit hebt gekocht? Ik zit namelijk ook al even te kijken naar een macro lens, maar ik vind ze toch nog vrij duur...