New buys, new order, gift, discount codes & personal

*WARNING...HUGE photo post*

Waaaahooooooeeee *super mario sound*
I have received some items, ordered new stuff and have some coupon codes for you all! (how nice of me..ahum)

Alrighty then, the things i received this week:

BB cream from skin79.

I've seen this bb cream on many blogs and got so curious that i wanted to try it myself.
It claims 'spf protection' 'whitening'(for skin marks, not for whitening your face) 'wrinkle improvement'(always a good thing) 'sebum control'(i dunno what the &^^ this is, but i guess its a good thing)
I must say after 2 times of trying this...i like it so far.
I already use the tiniest amount of concealer so this is perfect for me!

Vivi clothes.

I received some clothing items from Vivi clothes.
(outfit post will come soon of the items, but here's a sneak preview)

Really nice nude color fun top.

Chic black top with romantic lace at the bottom.

A black lace small vest.

Looks really nice over the nude top,

as well on the chic black top.

Cute little black skirt.

Fashionable belt (i'm thinking this would be perfect for my hot pink Mathew Williamson dress)

Grey oversized perfume bottle sweater.


Black legging with zippers, a black & white shirt, scarf and a glittery shirt.
(don't have photo's of them yet...battery of my camera died on me :/ )

Ok, i must show this:

Cute little detail on the package ^_^

Nice items right?
Fitting photo's will come soon...i haven't got much free time yet :/

Order from h&m.

Tuesday evening i was taking photographs on a christmas ballroom dancing party were my parents dance.
Here is my pretty mom in a pretty dress.

I danced one dance with my father haha lol

I just know the beginning of a very simple dance...that's all haha lol.

My outfit of the evening:

and today i received a gift from the owners of the dancing school for taking photo's of that sweet is that?
Look what they gave me.

Something really REALLY nice smelling from Sabon ^_^

Soap, handcreme, whipes and little bath bombs and they all smell soooooo NICE...i love it so much! :-D


Use the code 'vivi12' and get 10% off

Code: 1304 gives you a €5,- discount
Code: 9514 gives you 25% off

Code: spartookerst15 15% off
and if you order over €100- you will get a €20- voucher. 8% Kortingcode:Noukster

Not a coupon code, but sale at Clementi:
50% discount at Clementi

and off course

Use this discount code: nouksterinthecity
By entering this coupon code:
1. Get a FREE cute animal lens case PLUS mystery gifts
2. The coupon code can be stacked, If you purchase 3 pairs,
you will get 3 lens case plus 3 mystery gifts.
3. A minimum of 1 lens purchased to activate the code.

You're welcome :P

Hope you all find them useful ^_^

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