New buys + h&m order received

Today my h&m order came in and i'm going to return all, except the red socks haha lol.

I like the socks a lot, the other stuff i didn't like at all, so i'm sending it back.
(denim skirt and the 2 blue hooded sweaters)

Yesterday my mom went to h&m and she came home with new scarfs and hand gloves ^_^
She also bought a scarf specially for me :-D
This one she gave me:

I like this one a lot, i already saw it but thought it was expensive but now it's on sale and my mother bought it for me :-D

These scarfs are really big and super warm (these are for the both of us, coz we share a lot)

My mom also bought these 3 hand gloves ^_^ (also for the both of us)
2 leather one's and 1 woolen one.

Really nice right?

Today my mom and i went to a mall nearby and i wasn't planning on buying something but then we were at a store and they had sweaters at the child department the one's i was in search for (college look) and they were very i could not resist.

Dark red sweater only €5,-

Got the same in the perfect color blue

A blue college look longsleeve.

This one has a great story behind it, it was on sale for only €3,- (omg, right) and then at the cash register it scanned the item for only €1,-...omg €1,- I was like really happy haha.

and a bordeoux thinner sweater (i lovvveee this color) €6,-

This one is a bit more expensive, but i really like the color so i bought it :P

The more i think about not spending any money on myself, the more i want to spent money on weird am i?
I guess it's ok, now the sale is going on and i only buy really cheap items.

Oke bye...back to work :P

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