Just a quick one

Hello there again, a quick update from me.

My mother bought a new nail polish today from Essence, it's called "Time for Romance" *wooeeeh*
Since all dark(ish) red color's are my new fav colors, i had to try it.
It's so beautiful, a really nice color for the holidays.

The number is 72 (time for romance)

The sale at H&M has begon and i wouldn't be me if i didn't take a quicksy look...
and i ordered some things *teehee*

A pink warm sweater (from the child department lol) for me,
red hand warmers for me...i swear i love these things,
i could not resist...cupcake napkins ^_^ for at home
and a really nice dress for my mother (i'm going to put this under the christmas tree)

But wait...what a weird price for the dress you ask?
Well, i wouldn't be true to myself if i didn't searched a coupon code..right?
So i did and i found 2 codes and i'm going to share them with you!
Code 1: 1304 (€5,- discount)
Code 2: 9514 (20% off)

You're welcome :P

Last saturday i bought a gift for my parents, which i think suits sooo good in our living room
(paris chique, chanel, black & white)
A Thomas Sabo candle...which smells like DELICIOUS!

WAY TOO expensive for a candle, but i had a gift card from were i ordered and a card which gave me also 10% off...so the candle wasn't expensive at all.

Tomorrow i will be singing 'it's beginning to look a lot like christmas'....why?
CHRISTMAS DECORATION TIME!!!! WOOT...when i find the time off course.
I need to do a lot more work before i will be doing that. Still busy, but i needed a break...what do i do in break...write this blog post..lol.

Oke, t'ill next time!!

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