Wooot, an update!!

Long time no personal blog, that's not nice of me.

Not much to say about personal stuff, but i have a lot to show what i bought these last couple of weeks and some things that i'm expecting.

Things that i bought from these last couple of weeks:

My obsession begon last year....deer's ^_^
I love the old fashioned deer pattern on clothes and now you see more and more of it in store's,
so i bought 2 deer scarfs ^_^
A black and a Dark red one.

Brown leather wedges and these walk so comfortable ^_^

I must saw in real the booties look much more nicer!

That's it, i don't buy much for myself lately...

BUT...this is what i'm expecting to come soon:
No pictures, but text. (pictures will come when they arrive)

Funky high heels from.
If you want classy/funky/fashionable statement shoes, you must take a look there...they have the most beautiful shoes ever.
Funky heels, funky design, classy ect.
(review about it soon)

New circle lenses from
Blue'ish lenses, thought it would be fun to have blue eyes sometimes haha. (just for fun)(or for playing with make up and wigs and stuff when i have the time)
(also review about it soon)

My mother and i are currently into making our own bon bon's and chocolate.
Yesterday we made some, but i'm SOOO NOT good at it..so i only made gingerbread chocolate's :P
My mother made such beautiful bon bon's...look:

Can't wait for christmas decoration, i've been in the mood for christmas like...last summer lol.
Next week i'm going to start decorating my room ala' christmas style.
Expect a good old fashioned christmas style (that's what i'm into currently)

Gowd i miss blogging...
In most of my previous article's i've wrote that i've been so busy and still are...but sometimes i just need to find the time to blog..i miss it and i have a lot to tell and show.
So expect more
- outfit's of the day
- Photoshoots (my way lol)
- Maby some make up looks...maby..not so into creating make up looks now.
- Random photo's
- Reviews
- and other random stuff.

Well, that's it for now...Bye!!

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