Christmas presents, buys & OOTD

It's Christmas...yaaaay!!
Santa really did spoiled me this year, i've received really lovely gifts :-D

Minnie Mouse sweater

Bambi sweater

Michael Kors sweater cape :-D


I always wanted one of these ^_^ now i have it...and IT'S PINK (love)

Dior gift set, eyeshadow and mascara :-D
(i tried the mascara and I LIKE THE a bit flash eyelashes effect)

CUTE, Disney Princess suprisse chocolate eggs :-D

I also received eye cream for preventing wrinkles haha lol..yeah i'm old so i need it!

I'm extremely happy with the gifts i got, i love it all so much!! Thank you santa (lol)

Look what i got:
D&G watch it's sooooo PRETTTYYYYYYYYYY

Christmas outfit ^_^

I'm wearing my hair extensions from LienStyle
H&M deer sweater
Plaid blouse under the sweater, i thought it's from Only
Blue chino pants that i made myself
and my new loafers ^_^

Toby and i wish you a very merry christmas!

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  1. Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Lovely Christmas gifts you have received :D I so want to know where the Bambi sweater comes from, it's so cute :D What a beautiful watch, have fun with your presents! :D