Christmas marzipan/fondant cupcakes

Yup, mom and i have been busy yesterday making christmas cupcakes ^_^
Here's the result:

Christmas baby's

Later this day we are going to make a winter theme/ wedding anniversary cake for tomorrow.
It's an 33th wedding anniversary cake for my parents..33 years :-O

Tomorrow evening i will be going with my parents to their yearly christmas ballroom dancing party and make photo's of the whole evening (same as last year).
That is also why we are making the cake in a winter theme, so we can bring it to the party.

Stil don't know what to wear :/ because i would love to dress up christmasy (is that a word?) but i know for sure that it's cold there (because i'm the one not dancing there...i will be taking photo's).
Any suggestions someone out there who's reading this?

Oh and i have something awesome planned this week for my blog...if it all goes well.
Stay tuned!!

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