Christmas decoration 2011 & random

Yaay, i christmas decorated my room.

Small christmas village

My window.

I've been playing with my dad's fish eye lens. I bought a filter/adapter that goes from a 58mm lens to a 55mm lens and now i can put my dad's fish eye lens on my camera.

Look at the cool wide effect it gives.

I made that stocking myself a couple of weeks ago ^_^

haha TOBY with big nose :P (if you look close you will notice that there is hanging something out of his nose...whahaha..ROFLOL >_<

Some random photo's from yesterday + better version of the minnie mouse hat.

That's it for today.
I'm curious when i will receive the circle lenses i ordered. Can't wait to try them and see how i look with blue(ish) eyes think it will look weird :P

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