Scrabble Trickster is a new variation on the good old scrabble game.
The Trickster board has extra boxes. If you attach a word to it, then you get an Trick card which you may unfollow the traditional rules from scrabble.
Which means with every card you get the right to place the word up side down and look at the word from your opponent.

It isn't just all that, you can also decide your own tricks and print out tricks cards.
You can do that here:
Clickie the link

Scrabble Trickster send out a team to Utrecht central station to 'mess up' some travelers out of their travel ritual.
Watch the video clip here:
Clickie the link to watch

Suggestion: Really nice board game for the holidays!!

Yaaay i got so excited in clothing making again when i finished the bathrobe and i had still some "me time" left over that i made a warm comfty cardigan ^_^

I already finished it 2 days ago ^_^ and worn it yesterday and today ^_^

Yesterday i finished the bathrobe...i am so glad how it tuned CUTE!

It's nice and comfty ^_^ (i've worn it right away when i finished it)

After a very long time, thought it would be time to do an outfit of the day:

I have super cute new hand gloves ^_^

It's getting colder and colder here and i thought Toby would be i put on his sweater :P

Hi, hello, harrow,
long time no update.
Yet again, i've been very busy...hardly have time for myself, so i could not find the time to blog. *sorry*

Well, i do have time now and started yesterday with making a cute bathrobe for myself.
I'm going to make this one, out of cute pink with white hearts fabric.

That's kinda it, sorry no new news...