Random randomly post 3

Yesterday it was my birthday and i did nothing really special haha.
My mom and i went shopping, baked a cake and in the evening my sister came for a visit.

My mother and i baked a princess cake ^_^
The making of the cake was really nice, we tried to make the doll look like me..kinda XD
The hair bun kinda does haha.

Our first try in making a doll cake, it turned out pretty i think.
We had so much fun making it :-D

Here's my first photo of a 28 year old woman... >_< *sounds sooo old*

Here some random photo's from this week with Seabert :P
My mother and i went to the grocery store and they had these cute plush seal's for sale only 1 euro...1 euro...my mother gave me one ^_^

I got 2 new fabrics which i'm SO happy with and on 9 okt my mom and i are going to a fabric market and if i see more nice fabrics my parents are going to give me more for my birthday.
And if i find the fabrics that i want, i will take photo's of it. ^_^

My sister came and she gave me this awesome tweezerman tweezer :-D

I'm very happy with it!!
Now i can have perfects shaped eyebrows ^_^


  1. and the cake tasted sooooooooo good!!

  2. I'm sure it'd be much more interesting if you'd show how to make such a cake. I would like to know it!