New shoes + Hamster cheek

A present for myself.
Bought online some new brogues ^_^

They were very cheap, with shipping cost €11,75
(too bad the shipping cost were €6,75, otherwise the shoes would be a lot cheaper)
Anyways, i'm very happy with my new shoes ^_^

Yesterday 2 of my wisdom teeth were pulled out...i look retarded...i look like a half hamster now...a hamster with one stuffed cheek

I don't wanna look like a hamster


  1. At €11,75, it's indeed a cheap shoe, yet it maintains that elegant form and classic leather exterior.
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  2. These shoes remind me of my old shoes from grade school, I used them all the time to play and dance with my friends.

    dansko shoes

  3. Wow I really like your brogues :) Where did you get them ?