Tiny update:

Today my mother and i went to a big fabric market and see if i could find the perfect fabrics that i really wanted but could not find for my birthday.
WAIT...that sentence is weird..
My mom and dad wanted to give me a lot of fabrics for my birthday (last week) but when my mom and i were in search for fabrics i could not find any that i wanted.

So today we went in search for fabrics as a late birthday present ^_^ (big fabric market)
and boy did i find some fabrics...i have 15 new fabrics in all the colors and patterns that i wanted for a while now and they were SO CHEAP!!
I'M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!
This week i will post some photo's of my new fabrics :-D
They are almost all fall/winter colors (grandpa/grandma haha XD)

Can't wait start making clothes out of them

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