Fabrics + update

Hooraaaaay, i finally managed to find the time to take photo's and post a more proper blog post.
*doing a little dance* *dancing with a lolliepop..lalallaaaaa*

I've been so busy with all kind of stuff that i could not find the time to post a proper post and i didn't had any inspiration to blog about >_<

:/ .....anywhoooeeeee, i took some photo's of the fabrics that i got for my birthday.
Also wrote what i'm planning of making out of the fabrics.
Let's take a looksie shall we?
(some i can't get the real color on photo)

These are the fabrics that i got...17 pieces :-D

and these were the 2 fabrics i already got

The wollen one has 2 sides

I finally got some camel pants fabrics!! Dark camel, camel, sort of beige, black and a red whine color :-D (i'm going to be very busy lol)

Cute fabric with 2 sides, not sure what i'm going to make out of it, but i'm sure it would be something cute for next year summer.

yaay i finally got a lolita fabric, i wanted a real cute and pastel colored fabric but i could not find it anywhere and then i saw this one...and i was like..omg...i really like this one a lot.
Dress or skirt (still thinking)

I really wanted a fabric that would gradient sort off, erm..i mean..busy at the end and not busy on top. (does this makes sense?)

Also a black with flowers (same as above, busy end...not so busy at the beginning)
I'm planning on making a dress out of this fabric

This one is so pretty.

Vintage floral :-D maby i'll make a blouse out of this fabric.

Loving this one.

I'm sooo happy with my new fabrics, they are all the colors that i wanted sooooo bad!!!!!!

Last saturday we went to ikea to buy a big proper closet for the attic (other side of my room) to put our fabrics in and a part of my clothes.
We did bought a big closet and i bought a new bed cover (i searched google for the english word for it but i can't find it...in dutch i mean 'dekbedovertrek')

Yesterday my father was installing the closet but it got very late so he's not done yet...so...it's a HUGE mess in my room >_<

But wait...one part of the closet is finished..

Toby got himself locked in haha

When it's all finished i will post some photo's off it all!
That's it for now, bye bye!!

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