I think some of you know that I LOVE SALE and since i always search for discount codes, know when sales begin ect...i thought...why not share this?!
So here are some discount/sale tips.

Shopping tip 1:

Now i've found something really awesome...
guess what this is??

Have you guessed it??? have you, have you?

If you guessed 'just a book' your'e wrong :P
It's not "just" a book...it's a book were you can put your macbook in...OMG HOW COOL IS THAT?
Look...it's a macbook purse

I'm loving the whole vintage feeling to it...i love it!!

I saw it at Lataza
Also check the sale, because they have a lot of reduced notebook bags.
Sale at lataza

Shopping tip 2:
If you are looking for really cute, fashionable and cheap jewelry's ... then you should pay a visit to Ooh la la
Today i saw that they added a whole new collection AND IT'S SO CUTE!!
LOOK at this

Super Cute bird necklace and they have a whole collection of it...*i'm in love*

They also have mid season sale...check it out...really cheap!

Shopping tip 3:
H&M Sale on selected items...nice..
BUT...i have a really awesome coupon code for 50% discount on 1 item from the new collection...
use this code for 50% discount 9536

Nice tips so far, ey?!

Shopping tip 4:

If you subscribe to the newsletter from Mexx you immediately get an €20,- voucher code in your email inbox.
Which means...after you subscribed you can shop with €20,- discount...how cool is that?
Subscribe --> CLICK HERE

Shopping tip 5: (a reminder shopping tip)

Circle lenses at Pinky Paradise.

Use this discount code: nouksterinthecity
By entering this coupon code:
1. Get a FREE cute animal lens case PLUS mystery gifts
2. The coupon code can be stacked, If you purchase 3 pairs, you will get 3 lens case plus 3 mystery gifts.
3. A minimum of 1 lens purchased to activate the code.

Shopping tip 6:
Do you sit at your desk for many hours and after a long time you get a back pain?
Well I DO...and it sucks....
Last week i saw a commercial on tv about some sort of back support thing that you put over your desk chair..and it was €9,95 and i was like..well..maby i should buy that back support thingie and maby my back pain will go away.

Never went to that store, because today i saw at the action (dutch store) that same back support thing...for only €1,50 WHAT? Yes...only 1,50.

So obviously i bought it and i must say...it's sooooo comfortable!!! The best 1,50 i've ever spent!!
If you want to save your'e back..i suggest you go to action and spent €1,50! :)
(they don't have an online store)

Those were the shopping tips i've got for now, if i have any other i will post it.

Bye bye!


Not much to say, but to show :D
My mother and i have been busy making a birthday cake for a little girl for last saturday.



And this cake...i made >_< ..i don't like the way it turned out..feels like i'm missing something.

I made this cake yesterday, i felt like making a halloween cake...but when i started my whole inspiration was GONE...so i came up with a 'fall' cake...but i'm not proud of it.
I hope it tasted good, because my parents are bringing this cake to their dancing on tuesday.

My hamster cheek (from removing my wisdom teeth) is pretty much gone right now, the only thing i have is a BIG bruise >_< purple/brown'ish That's all for now.

A present for myself.
Bought online some new brogues ^_^

They were very cheap, with shipping cost €11,75
(too bad the shipping cost were €6,75, otherwise the shoes would be a lot cheaper)
Anyways, i'm very happy with my new shoes ^_^

Yesterday 2 of my wisdom teeth were pulled out...i look retarded...i look like a half hamster now...a hamster with one stuffed cheek

I don't wanna look like a hamster

Hooraay, the attic/room is done and clean ^_^

Photo time!!

Onto the other side of the attic...our walk in closet..sort off :P

The big fabric/my clothes closet ^_^

Our shoe closet

My mother and i are satisfied with the result, it's still busy but much much MUCH better then before.
Darn, i forgot to take photo's of the inside of the fabric closet.
Oh well, i shall do that soon.

My mother and i are so happy with our fabric closet, when i post some photo's you would see why.