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I'm sooo tired, it took me FOREVER to take some pictures and upload them..i have no energy today at all to do something...this feeling sucks!
Anywho, here are 2 photo's of the chino pants i made a couple of days ago with the grandpa fabric.

Grandpa'ish right? LOL XD

I have a new love...yes you have read it correctly...
It have been so long ago since i had a new love.
I'm not going to write more about it, i'll just show you a picture of my new love.

Are you ready??

Loafers are my newest love ^_^ I SOOOOO want both of these shoes..the flat one's and the high heels.
They will completely finish some of the outfits i have ^_^
(vintage, collage, grandma style...dunno what my style is called)

My mother got curious in my circle lenses and a few weeks ago i received a lens from a store for a review.
BUT i only received just ONE lens...what am i supposed to do with just one lens?
They promised me a pair lenses (1 for each eye) i emailed them a couple of times, but no response..so not sure what to about it.

Anywho, my mother tried on the one lens and i must say...IT'S PRETTYYYYY!
So here's my mother's eye with a hazel colored circle lens.

I'm surprised because my mother never ever had any experience with lenses and she just popped it in her eye just like that!
*proud moment*
Nice color right?

Here are some bad sloppy 'i'm not energetic enough to make photo's' photo's of my outfit today.

You can also see how the chino pants are...every chino i made is the same model.

I think they are great and i really love them, but i feel the model looks more like a men's chino...or maby it's just they way how i dress.. i dunno..but i do love the chino's, otherwise i wouldn't make so many of them haha.
(3 pairs)

I saw a pattern of another chino pants, i really want to try that one too, a more tighter one (not too tight).

Hello :P Remember me without the circle lenses? XD

That's all for today.
Bye bye, have a nice weekend!

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