Pointless randomness

Another random blog post...yaay. >_< Friday i will be turning 28 >_< not so excited about that, not in the mood for celebrating my birthday...it's so silly because i have this feeling every year for the last couple of years. I remember when i was little i was counting the days and got sooo excited when it was my birthday...why is that feeling gone...i mean...why does that excited feeling go away as we are getting older? I really want to have that excited feeling again. Oh well, maby i do get excited when it's my birthday on friday. Who knows!

What's the point of these photo's?
I need to cut my bangs...>_<

Cute photo of Toby sleeping really silly :P

Random photo which i obvious photoshopped, i got overexcited and created a vintage feeling to it.

I like the vintage touch ^_^

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