Chino pants made by myself ^_^

I made a beige chino pants ^_^

I'm kind off proud here, because this was a difficult one...but i did it..yaaay!!

I changed the inner pocket into the same fabric i used in the hood from the bear hoodie ^_^

The best part of it all is...i really like the pants.
Normally i am such a pain in the ass (if i say so myself) with pants... every single time i see nice pants in a store...i will try it on...and always see something that i don't like.
So when i do find pants that i like, i'm really happy, but this time i made them myself.
So i couldn't be more proud of myself haha XD feels very strange saying that i'm proud of myself...don't want to sound very full of myself (because im sooo not full of myself) but i really enjoy making clothes and when i see that my sewing skills are developing it makes me happy ^_^

Also the pants is almost the same as my favorite black chino's from h&m

Quick 'on' photo:

I colored my hair again ^_^

I leave you with a cute photo of my doggie:

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