Another random blog post...yaay. >_< Friday i will be turning 28 >_< not so excited about that, not in the mood for celebrating my's so silly because i have this feeling every year for the last couple of years. I remember when i was little i was counting the days and got sooo excited when it was my birthday...why is that feeling gone...i mean...why does that excited feeling go away as we are getting older? I really want to have that excited feeling again. Oh well, maby i do get excited when it's my birthday on friday. Who knows!

What's the point of these photo's?
I need to cut my bangs...>_<

Cute photo of Toby sleeping really silly :P

Random photo which i obvious photoshopped, i got overexcited and created a vintage feeling to it.

I like the vintage touch ^_^

Yesterday i went with my parents to my grandmothers house.
The house needs to be sold, but there's so much that need to be done before it will be on sale.
Since my parents are the only one's doing something about the house and everyone else in the family is doing...(i dunno what they are doing..not helping that's for sure) i thought i should help a bit. Even tho...i'm always busy!!

So i helped my mother with sorting things out and trowing stuff away. Last week i helped with taking off wallpaper from a wall...but at the end i saw my hands were bleeding >_<

I brought Toby with me and i already knew he's kind of weird XD and loves to stand on top of things, but yesterday he was getting on top of everything.

On a small closet..

Trying to sit on a mini chair

..almost there..

haha XD

Near the window

on the way home...he sat on a toolbox

hahaha XD my dog should be in the circus.

At home i made some weird faces photo' started out of wanting a new photo of me with my purple circle lenses and ended up in a cam whore session :P

I'm sooo tired, it took me FOREVER to take some pictures and upload them..i have no energy today at all to do something...this feeling sucks!
Anywho, here are 2 photo's of the chino pants i made a couple of days ago with the grandpa fabric.

Grandpa'ish right? LOL XD

I have a new love...yes you have read it correctly...
It have been so long ago since i had a new love.
I'm not going to write more about it, i'll just show you a picture of my new love.

Are you ready??

Loafers are my newest love ^_^ I SOOOOO want both of these shoes..the flat one's and the high heels.
They will completely finish some of the outfits i have ^_^
(vintage, collage, grandma style...dunno what my style is called)

My mother got curious in my circle lenses and a few weeks ago i received a lens from a store for a review.
BUT i only received just ONE lens...what am i supposed to do with just one lens?
They promised me a pair lenses (1 for each eye) i emailed them a couple of times, but no not sure what to about it.

Anywho, my mother tried on the one lens and i must say...IT'S PRETTYYYYY!
So here's my mother's eye with a hazel colored circle lens.

I'm surprised because my mother never ever had any experience with lenses and she just popped it in her eye just like that!
*proud moment*
Nice color right?

Here are some bad sloppy 'i'm not energetic enough to make photo's' photo's of my outfit today.

You can also see how the chino pants are...every chino i made is the same model.

I think they are great and i really love them, but i feel the model looks more like a men's chino...or maby it's just they way how i dress.. i dunno..but i do love the chino's, otherwise i wouldn't make so many of them haha.
(3 pairs)

I saw a pattern of another chino pants, i really want to try that one too, a more tighter one (not too tight).

Hello :P Remember me without the circle lenses? XD

That's all for today.
Bye bye, have a nice weekend!

Well..that's a huge fail of mine.
I promised that i would update more on my blog and now i haven't posted anywthing in a few days.
"Bad bad noukster!!"

I have been so darn busy with stuff.
But i did finished a new pants this morning.
I will post some photo's of it this week. (haven't made any photo's yet)

Anywho, for my lack in time for updating here's a piece of pie

Sorry, no normal outfit of the day post.
Didn't feel like taking photo's of myself >_<

This is what i've worn yesterday:

This is what i worn today:

I've been helping my mother with house cleaning today, later on we did some grocery shopping and later on i fell a sleep on my bed XD haha.
You're welcome for this useless information :P