South park hybrid

Are you familiar with the South park episode 'smug alert!'?
Well i am and it's hilarious, i've watched it sooooo many times.

Gotta be my fav south park episode off all!

However, the episode is about Kyle's dad and his new car.
He got's himself a hybrid car and blabbering about everyone how the car is so good for the environment 'i want to be a part of the solution, not the problem'
His goal is to let everyone drive in one of those hybrid car's.

Well, here comes the funny part.
Last friday my dad came home with his new car from work...guess what...

soo...i could not resist doing this:

whahaha apologies for my sloppy photoshopping in this...

Today..(well actually yesterday) i went with my mom and dad for a drive in the hybrid car XD.
When we were waiting for the red light i kinda wanted to open up my window and say to the car next to me that he should consider buying a hybrid car, because is so good for the environment and we are a part of the solution and not the problem....and he would say o_O 'well, good for you' and then right when we drive aways i would say THAAAAAANNNKSSS!
haha lol...not really but the south park episode got stuck in my head!

For the one's who are not familiar with this episode...go watch it and you will find out what i am blabbering about XD
Click here if you want to see the episode

I just needed to post this, because it's funny that my dad got a car from work and it's an prius hybrid.
Actually the car is kinda cool, has all sorts of cool gadgets on it and the sitting area in the back has so much space...i can even sit normal with my legs without bumping them into the front seat!

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