Something different about me?

Do you notice something different about me??

..teehee...don't i look cute? No? Oh well :/

I've got Barbie eye brown circle lenses.

I must say, could not have picked a better color as my first pair of circle lenses...they blend so natural with my own eye color.

Photo taken by the window, natural day light.

With flash (darker corner in my room)

This one is just weird...wahahaha LOL XD don't look like myself here.

Onto the lenses, i've got them and immediately cleaned them with lens cleaner and let them soak for a while in the lens liquid before i took them in.
Then i could not resist to put them in and i thought it would took me a hard time putting lenses in, because normally i don't wear lenses ever...but i was surprised to see how easy i put them in.
and when i saw my eyes the first time with the circle lenses i immediately i really look like a child haha XD
But then i applied some make up and i look like an older child now :P

I really love them, they are comfortable, but i still need to get used to them.
As i said before, never wear lenses.

Honestly i didn't buy circle lenses to put them in every day, no...i kinda thought i use these whenever i feel like it.
Maby i only wear them when i'm in a photo mood :P

I've read all kinds of warnings about circle lenses, but they are no different then normal lenses.
You just need to know how to take care of them!

Also they claim that these lenses are good for one year...i don't believe that...i think i will keep them for 30 days or so...just see what happens...

If you also like circle lenses, or normal colored lenses...stay tuned because there will be a blog post soon also about lenses and a really cool and great coupon code with it.

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