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Hello Y'all!!

My mother and i went to the market yesterday and we bought a lot of new fabrics ^_^
These are the fabrics i bought.

A beige and blue fabric (maby for some pants)
3 black one's, one for pants, one is more shiny maby for a dress and one i already had (i made the black jumpsuit out of that one) and i wanted more (because it was so CHEAP €1,- for 1 meter)
2 fleece fabrics (i made the pink hoodie from that kind of fleece)
Some zippers, lace and yarn.

I'm super enthusiastic about it!!

In fact yesterday evening i got so enthusiastic about it that i started on another hoodie ^_^

Another hoodie in making XD

These are the fabrics i got so far:

A lot right? I didn't find the perfect lolita fabric yet, but my mother and i are going to a fabric market/day on sept 9 and maby i will find the perfect lolita fabric there?
I hope so, i really want to make a cute lolita dress.

I had a reality check just a few minutes ago and find out that in 29 days it's my birthday already.
How is it possible that one year can go sooooo fast??
The reality check was...i'm getting old :(
I'll be turning 28 on 30th of september *OH GOWD WHY SO OLD*
I feel so much younger...like 10 years...and sometimes i act 20 years younger LOL XD
Oh oh, it isn't that bad turning 28, but the fact that i will be turning 30 in 2 years...sound so old.

Oh well, what can i do about it? Nothing, just letting go and except that getting older is a part of life :P whahaha what a stupid phrase of me >_<

With that said, i leave you with a cute photo of my doggie Toby.

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