New jumpsuit, eye look and outfit of the day

Yesterday i wrote that i've been to the market and bought some new fabrics...well,
the same day i made a new jumpsuit haha XD i just could not resist making something out of the new fabrics.

A black jumpsuit, this time i made a home suit. IT'S SO COMFTY!!!!!!

My mom say's that she's seeing me getting better and better every time!
That really motivates me to make more stuff ^_^

I'm wearing the jumpsuit today ^_^

Here's my eye make up of today!

Some random photo's.

haha XD Toby wanted to be in the shot too! ^_^

(can you tell i'm loving the circle lenses?) XD

My mother bought a super cute sailor/marine look cardigan

...i'm sooo going to steal it from her XD
noooo...i'll ask if i could borrow it from her sometime ^_^ (that's nicer)

That was kinda my day so far, i received an AWESOME package today!!
Can't tell you yet what it is, but it will be on my blog tomorrow with an AWESOME discount code attached with stay tuned ^_^

Btw, do you all like these kind off blog post, just one post were i blog everything i want to say/show of the day?
Or do you prefer separate blog posts?
- outfit of the day (one blog post)
- eye look of the dat (one blog post)
ect, ect.


  1. The jumpsuit looks very cute and comfy indeed *like it*. Actually, I enjoy reading this kind of post, everything mixed together (^.^)

  2. The jumpsuit is very pretty! I like this kind of posts instead of more smaller ones.