Marzipan cake decoration + cupcakes

Today my mother and i have been very busy making a cake with 4 cupcakes.

On my mother's hyves a woman saw our cake creations and asked my mother if we also sell those cakes.
We don't sell them, we do this just as a hobby, but my mother thought it would be fun to make and sell cakes for one today we did. ^_^

The woman wanted a bridal cake for her daughters high tea party (before the wedding she and her friends and all will have a high tea)

This is the result:

The cupcakes are just as an extra for the lady!

and we wrapped it like this:

My mother and i are very pleased how the cake turned out, it's kinda a romantic cake ^_^


  1. Vind het echt zo knap hoe jullie dat maken! :) En deze ziet er ook weer super mooi uit, de bruid was er vast heel blij mee! ;)