Market ^_^

My mother and i went to the market today.
We went for buying cheap fabrics and we had so much fun searching true all the fabrics.

I bought 2 black fabrics and a vintage look floral fabric:

They also have some flea market booths there and look what i bought:

A pink princess dress ^_^

It's soooo pretty, like a lolita dress...or maby a hime gyaru dress ^_^
It only cost me €5,- :-O

I think it needs some adjustments, like customize it more with pearls.
Or just a pretty necklace ^_^

Then i found this brand new cardigan from wool (if i wrote that correct)

Very sweet lolita ^_^
This one cost me €7,- (i think because its brand new and made from wool...nice & warm)

At the end i found this marine/sailor like tie.

I would totally wear this with a white blouse and blue pants/skirt or maby a camel skirt.
Kinda preppy school look ^_^
The tie cost me only €1,-

I'm really happy with my new stuff i bought today!
Can't wait to start making something with my new fabrics.

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