Easy hair curling tutorial (without damage)

Do you also hate it when it rains your beautiful curled hair is gone within a sec?

Well, me2!

(best photoshopped tears EVER! XD)

Here's a quick technic my mother showed me last week:

Cute a few slices of fabric into long smal pieces.
TIP: use a fabric that doesn't fray! (use lace or something)
Pick some sections hair and curl the hair into the sliced fabric and make a small knot.
(the smaller the sections, the smaller the curl and vice versa)

It's really easy and looks kinda cute too! ^_^


You can also do this before you go to bed and the next morning you will have cute curls.

TIP: if you do this after you walked in the rain, put a tiny bit of hair product on your hair, so it won't be as frizzy as mine XD

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