Sweet lolita jumpsuit/romper/playsuit a.ka. Pyjama's

Hi there,
so sorry for my lack of blog posting.

I made some new pyjama's ^_^
This time i made a sweet lolita jumpsuit/romper/playsuit.



I've already worn these last night and i must say it's very comfthy ^_^

Something different:
My mother has been very busy sorting my grandmothers house (because the house needs to be sold now)
and she found all the letters that i've written to my grandmother.
It's really nice, because i also saved all the letters my grandmother has written to me.
It's a collection of letters from a whole lot of years.

My grandmother and i used to write each other, just because we liked it to much and liked to receive post.
It was so nice to read all the stories again, toke me all night to read them all.
It made me miss my grandma even more T_T

Almost in every letter we thanked each other for the letter and also wrote that we liked it so much.
I remember that i got very happy when i got a stamp, so i could send a letter to my grandmother.
Really nice memories!

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