Proud of my sister.

I'm very very very proud of my sister!
She's got a letter today that she is graduated for her dental hygienist diploma.
After 4 years of hard school work she can finally call herself a dental hygienist.

Next week on friday she is going to get her diploma and we (parents and i) are going with her.
Later on in the evening she's trowing a party at her place!

Well, i can honestly say that i am so proud of her and the best part is... she's already got several job offerings.
How cool is that? Different people want my sister to work for them.

Well, i think that is really cool.
After many years of being a prevention dentist's assistant
(not sure it's the right translation for it...but in dutch it's 'preventie tandarts assistente')
she wanted to learn more and wanted back to school and become a dental hygienist.

I see only good things coming up for her.

Something i wanted to share, because..(lol again)...i'm very proud of her!

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  1. Ahw, what a cute blog post! :) Congratulations on your sister, she must feel great! :D