Outfit of the day 'Granny Funeral'

This afternoon it was my granny's funeral and it was really beautiful.
The weather kinda spoiled it (poring rain and wind).
For me the funeral went really fast...which i couldn't say goodbye properly :-(
My mother and i are going next week again and say goodbye are own way and place a nice photo of my grandma there.

For the funeral i wanted to look classy and i remembered one word my grandma used to say when someone looked classy 'chique la de riebel'
So my look of today is called 'chique la de riebel'
Not even sure if the word really exist, but i like it.

This vintage bag is snake leather and it used to be my grandmother.
My mother said that my grandmother used to be so happy with that bag and i thought it would be nice to wear this bag to the funeral for my grandmother.
I really like this bag a lot! ^_^

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