Hi there,
so sorry for my lack of blog posting.

I made some new pyjama's ^_^
This time i made a sweet lolita jumpsuit/romper/playsuit.



I've already worn these last night and i must say it's very comfthy ^_^

Something different:
My mother has been very busy sorting my grandmothers house (because the house needs to be sold now)
and she found all the letters that i've written to my grandmother.
It's really nice, because i also saved all the letters my grandmother has written to me.
It's a collection of letters from a whole lot of years.

My grandmother and i used to write each other, just because we liked it to much and liked to receive post.
It was so nice to read all the stories again, toke me all night to read them all.
It made me miss my grandma even more T_T

Almost in every letter we thanked each other for the letter and also wrote that we liked it so much.
I remember that i got very happy when i got a stamp, so i could send a letter to my grandmother.
Really nice memories!

Yaaay this afternoon i started on making a dress and this evening it's finished ^_^

I'm happy with it ^_^

Hooray, on sunday i made a jumpsuit out of the ice cream fabric i bought on saturday.
It's supposed to be a jumpsuit p.j's.
This time i used a pattern and made it the official way.
(kinda proud of myself) (teehee)

Some 'on' photo's (for better look how the jumpsuit is)

haha lol..camwhore photo's...so long when i did some camwhoring :P

I was trying to be cute...FAIL! >_<

I made a cake for my mother today!
I thought i needed to cheer her up and made a super kawaii cake.

Click below (READ MORE)if you want to see all the detail photo's and 2 other cakes/cupcakes my mother and i made a couple of weeks ago.

Today a quick visit to the market to buy some new fabrics.

I bought these 3.
(the icecream...i just could not resist)

later on i got so excited that i made a dress out of one of the fabrics.

Yaaaay, i'm happy with my new dress.

Yaaay mini shopping haul...


I also got a white bh for €3,- ^_^
*happy* i really needed a white bh!

Yesterday my niece and aunt were taking photographs after the funeral...honestly i didn't thought it was appropriate for taking photo's, but i understand why they did it.
When was the last time the whole family (mother's side) were together? Maby 15 years ago or so.
So it's nice to have a photo with all of us on it.

From left to right:
My uncle Wim, aunt Anothai, niece Kathy, sister Marloes, father Hans, me, mother carin, nephew Mark and my other aunt Jos.

(my other niece could not make it to the funeral)

This afternoon it was my granny's funeral and it was really beautiful.
The weather kinda spoiled it (poring rain and wind).
For me the funeral went really fast...which i couldn't say goodbye properly :-(
My mother and i are going next week again and say goodbye are own way and place a nice photo of my grandma there.

For the funeral i wanted to look classy and i remembered one word my grandma used to say when someone looked classy 'chique la de riebel'
So my look of today is called 'chique la de riebel'
Not even sure if the word really exist, but i like it.

This vintage bag is snake leather and it used to be my grandmother.
My mother said that my grandmother used to be so happy with that bag and i thought it would be nice to wear this bag to the funeral for my grandmother.
I really like this bag a lot! ^_^

How do you like my super kawaii sweater??

..i think i fell in love with the cuteness ^_^

Today i made another summer p.j!
This time the same style, but another fabric.

Last friday evening my grandma past away :'(
For that i scanned some old photo's and made a simple photoshop creation for her.

This is how we all remember her 6 years ago, after that she lost a ton of weight and she got dementia. (very bad dementia)
But i must say altho i knew she wasn't the same grandma as she was before her dementia...i still loved her very deeply.

Here are some old photo's of my dear grandma:

With her brother and sisters.

With her 2 older sisters.

With my mother :-D

With my grandpa :-D and mother :-D

With my uncle and grandpa

She was 86 years old and in october she would have turned 87.
Rest in my peace "opoe" (that's the name that we called her)
..and i love you!