Too Faced Shadow Insurance to the test!

If you go on beauty blogs and youtube for tutorials you will notice that the most of them always uses a 'primer/base' on their eyelids before they apply the eyeshadow.
I always thought they only did that for the eyeshadow to stick better on the eyelid (long lasting) and honestly i never had that problem with my eyeshadows (i always used water).

Until recently i've learned that a primer is not only for long lasting, it also claims it's anti-creasing and the color's would be brighter (pigmented).
Well, i needed to see that for myself. (i got curious)

I did a little research on the internet, which brand came out the best?
So i bought the 'Too Faced' Shadow Insurance.

I'm going to test what's the fuzz is all about the shadow insurance, is it really that good?

I've already read that you only need a tiny bit of the product..i kinda used more :/

I'm going to test the 'shadow insurance' with mac eyeshadow 'Beautiful Iris'

Left side no primer, right side too faced primer

Wow, what a deference between the two.
Can you see how much more pigmented the right side is?

I'm sold already haha...

I must say that the primer also does a great job at not creasing and for now the shadow on my eyes are still on my eyelids.

I hope this test was a bit useful?
I know that there are a sooo much more reviews about this product by others, but i needed to test this one myself.

Take care,


  1. I can't stress using a primer enough, haha. Always, always, primer.

  2. i love that MAC color! so pretty