Shopping in Haarlem

Today my mother and i went shopping in Haarlem.
We really needed a break and do something fun together, because it's been a while ago.
(don't get me wrong, we always have fun together, but we needed to get out of the house)

A couple of months ago my mother and i bought some train tickets, so we went with the train to Haarlem and later on we went to the black market in Beverwijk.

Here are some photo's of our day together.

Train station

We were a bit early in Haarlem. Most of the stores were not open yet :P
So we got some drinks.

Then we saw this little perfume boutique that had a huge chanel doormat.

..with chanel no.5 doorknobs ^_^

Later on we saw this huge rabbit with a guinea pig lying on top of the cute fuzzy bunny ^_^

So cute! Seems like the rabbit didn't mind it at all.
Maby they are best of friends...who knows!


On the way back we had such pain in our feet, that we went looking for flip flops...and let me tell you...that wasn't easy. We went into 3 different stores for cheap ass normal flip flops.
At the end we found them in a store were we didn't thought they would have them...
Hema €2,-
My mother has blue/white polka dots and i have blue/white striped one's..i really like them.
(and i would have been happy at that moment with any color...)

Then we were thirsty again and we saw a cute paris style bistro

Train station

later on we went to the black market in Beverwijk, but i didn't made any photo's of it.
It's not that interesting to have photo's of that there.

I didn't bought anything in Haarlem, at the black market i bought a l'oreal creme €7,- and a make up palette €2,-

(The black market is a huge market place with a whole lot of brands but much much cheaper)

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