Question, shopping & personal!

i just wrote a small blog entry about baby vaio coming back home and i really liked writing about something.
(in this case it was a silly writing and mostly not interesting for the least i think it's not that interesting)
But it made me wonder if you 'my dear readers' would like me to write more often?

Just writing about stuff which could be everything, personal, beauty, clothing, my mind on things?

Also i will still post some 'OOFT', tutorials, ect.

Please do tell, i really want to make my blog interesting for you all and not boring :P

I have some big news...i haven't been shopping or buying stuff for a couple of months now.
I'm very proud actually, i thought i already have so much stuff and why do i keep buying more and more...i don't need it.
So i changed my mind into 'you don't need new stuff, do something with what you have"

I must say it's working.
2 weeks ago there was a 50% sale at Kruidvat on make up, i've looked at it but thought to myself...i don't need it...i already have so much make up.
(if something was given to me it's another i'm writing about spending money)

Shopping for clothes...i haven't been on h&m online shop for a very long time...i haven't even looked at what's new..ok..just a tiny peak :P
I don't even want to go to primark...and most of you know that primark is my FAVOURITE store...
I have everything you need, work with that.
Everytime i bought something new, i forgot what i already had.

That's it for now, but please do tell me...write more often or not?


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  1. I agree with you, I need to stop buying makeup! Could you please do a photo tutorial of how you and your mother make these soooo pretty cakes and cupcakes??