The Noukster 'BUN' hair tutorial

Curious of how i do my 'bun' these days?

Click below on the read more to see how i do it.

Start with curled hair.

Crab the hair lose together..

Get a hair clip (looks like a spider in the photo >_< lol)

Put the clip into the section were your other hand was

Pull out some hair in front..

..and in the back.

There we have it...just as simple as that...The noukster bun :P

Hope you liked it!

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  1. Wauw! Jij hebt daar ook gewoon het perfecte haar voor!


  2. Hi Anouk! I was just wondering, do you fix your bun often when you do this hairstyle?


  3. @ Irene, stay's all day that way...i even sleep with it, wake up the next day, just fix a few lose hair's and that's it.
    I like it messy ^_^

  4. Just wondering do you use bobby pins as well? I have a hard time keeping the claw clip in my hair because it keeps sliding down :(

  5. @ Cynthia,
    sorry for my very late answer, i don't use bobby pins, but you can always use bobby pins if you want,