Mother's day cake

My mother and made a mother's day cake for tomorrow.

My mother made this beautiful heart shaped cake with Hello Kitty

Click below to see all..

and i made a simple tiny round cake...i had no inspiration :-(

and i made a cupcake from my dog TOBY hahaha LOL

Do you saw the resembles lol?

Best of all...i made a marzipan JUSTIN BIEBER....waaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaa LOL

I'm not a fan of Justin Bieber at all, but i was in a funny mood :P


  1. Ahw, that Mother's day cake is so sweet and haha, that cupcake of your dog is so cute and it turned out great :D LOL @ the Justin Bieber thing :P

  2. Wauw, die moederdag cakes zijn zo mooi! Ik wou dat ik zo'n cake kon maken voor m'n moeder.