Captain Noukster Sparrow make up

Can you guess who i'm transformed into?

LOL I am Captain Noukster Sparrow :P

Do you think i looked a bit like Jack Sparrow?

It was sooooo much fun doing this look.
I put some eyelash glue on my face and cut some hair from the wig and put it on my face haha.
The only thing i didn't had was a red'ish scarf, so i photoshopped it in the right color :P


  1. O my gosh, you did the transformation so well! :D You look so much like him :D Awesome! :D

  2. hahaha! Such a cool transformation!! And what a coincidence, yesterday I watched the first movie again. I think it's my fav out of the 3. I'm looking forward to the new one!!