Baby viao is back!!

yaaay my baby vaio is back home!!

My little pink sony vaio netbook (aka baby vaio) was broken.
After a long time not using her, i think she went depressed or something because the vaio worked but the Led lcd wasn't working >_< So i contacted Sony and wrote the story and one week ago they came to pick baby vaio up and today i got her back. fast is that? Really good service at sony vaio. I was still in my guarantee so they fixed her...they even gave me a vaio led clean thingie.

So me is happy that i got my baby vaio back!
sss...don't tell her, but as we speak i am blogging on my baby vaio...but i miss mr macbook :P

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  1. You prefer mr.macbook from pink baby vaio? No way!! It's good to hear that the service was quick, in my country it'd take about a month or more (that's what I've heard) and that's the reason I don't own a pink baby vaio myself :(