'Owl Mania' that is how i call my jewelry look today!

I thought it would be nice to share my 'jewelry of the day'.

Jewelry from 'Ooh la la'

oww you guys...i've been so busy with sorting out my closet and my room ect.
My room is one big gigantic mess.

I kid you not...(i know very bad bad english...but it's sounds so funny)
No seriously, look at this mess.

(just a quick webcam picture)
Behind all that mess there somewhere is my bed :P

Sooo...that's what i've been up to.
No make up, no clothing photo's...just most of the time 'no make up' & sweatpants with t-shirt.
Not very interesting to post here :P

Wanted to let you know that i am still alive. :P
For who was wondering or is interested.

Look how awesome this is!

You can check more of her fine make up art HERE


Maak een leuke goedemorgen slinger en maak kans op een ontbijt in de lucht!

Back in time with Noukster.
I liked the title so much that i thought maby i should do this more often?!

This time we go back in time with looks....how i looked a couple of years ago.

Before i show you the huge amount of photo's, i want to say that some photo's are mixed up so i really can't remember if it's in the right order.
And these are some photo's that i have on my external hdd.
(a lot, but not a lot from growing up)

Let me warn you...A LOT OF PHOTO'S!

First one:
Little Noukster :P

This is the only photo i have on my external hdd from so young.

SEE more click the link below.
A few of you might know that i'm a fan of Captain Jack Sparrow and for that i needed to post this..

Jack Sparrow Barbie doll...omg how cool is that?
I want one...i really want one!!

A few years back in time with Noukster:

Barbie, Pullip, My scene and Bratz.

I have been a Barbie collector for maaaanyyyy mannyyyy yyears.
I had play dolls, barbie collectibles, Myscene, Bratz, Pullip and model Barbie dolls.
( i really had a lot and i still have them all..even my very first barbie doll...which was a skipper)

Later on i was really into taking photo's, just modeling photo's, creating rooms and think of a story and then i made a small comic sort photo collage.
I even had a website/blog for it.

I really want to write a story about all this, but i'm not a good writer so i will show some photo's off what i did:

haha lol, My scene dolls doing the macarena :P


Ben jij een echte Dare Devil?

Step 1:


Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:


Step 5:

Step 6:

Step 7:


Products i used:
Sleek palette 'Storm'
E.L.F: blush, lipstick and 3-1 stick.

teehee, my mother and i made some new cupcakes and cake.
The hello kitty cake is made for a little girl who is having her birthday party tomorrow.

Yaay i got some make up from e.l.f
Click below on read more to see what i got and the swatches.

My beautiful mother

Prince and Jimmy


sticking out his tong :P such a cute photo!

Click below on the READ MORE text to see the make up tutorial.

Can you guess who i'm transformed into?

LOL I am Captain Noukster Sparrow :P

Do you think i looked a bit like Jack Sparrow?

It was sooooo much fun doing this look.
I put some eyelash glue on my face and cut some hair from the wig and put it on my face haha.
The only thing i didn't had was a red'ish scarf, so i photoshopped it in the right color :P

i just wrote a small blog entry about baby vaio coming back home and i really liked writing about something.
(in this case it was a silly writing and mostly not interesting for the readers...at least i think it's not that interesting)
But it made me wonder if you 'my dear readers' would like me to write more often?

Just writing about stuff which could be everything, personal, beauty, clothing, my mind on things?

Also i will still post some 'OOFT', tutorials, ect.

Please do tell, i really want to make my blog interesting for you all and not boring :P

I have some big news...i haven't been shopping or buying stuff for a couple of months now.
I'm very proud actually, i thought i already have so much stuff and why do i keep buying more and more...i don't need it.
So i changed my mind into 'you don't need new stuff, do something with what you have"

I must say it's working.
2 weeks ago there was a 50% sale at Kruidvat on make up, i've looked at it but thought to myself...i don't need it...i already have so much make up.
(if something was given to me it's another story...now i'm writing about spending money)

Shopping for clothes...i haven't been on h&m online shop for a very long time...i haven't even looked at what's new..ok..just a tiny peak :P
I don't even want to go to primark...and most of you know that primark is my FAVOURITE store...
I thought..well..you have everything you need, work with that.
Everytime i bought something new, i forgot what i already had.

That's it for now, but please do tell me...write more often or not?

yaaay my baby vaio is back home!!

My little pink sony vaio netbook (aka baby vaio) was broken.
After a long time not using her, i think she went depressed or something because the vaio worked but the Led lcd wasn't working >_< So i contacted Sony and wrote the story and one week ago they came to pick baby vaio up and today i got her back. Seriously...how fast is that? Really good service at sony vaio. I was still in my guarantee so they fixed her...they even gave me a vaio led clean thingie.

So me is happy that i got my baby vaio back!
sss...don't tell her, but as we speak i am blogging on my baby vaio...but i miss mr macbook :P

Curious of how i do my 'bun' these days?

Click below on the read more to see how i do it.

Yes, another make up tutorial...i don't know if my tutorials are any use but i'm getting the hang of it and if i make more tutorials...maby one day i will be good at it!

Click below on the read more if you want to see the tutorial.

Click below on "read more" if you want to see the detail photo's.

My mother and made a mother's day cake for tomorrow.

My mother made this beautiful heart shaped cake with Hello Kitty

Click below to see all..
Just some photo's of our first bbq this year...nothing special.

My dad working the bbq :P

Prince and Jimmy begging for food :P

Prince disappointed that he didn't get any out of his begging process :P

Jimmy is just laughing like always haha.