Marzipan cake decoration

My mother and i have been very creative with baking cake's and decorated them with marzipan. :-D

Our cakes the we made yesterday.

Click here if you want to see the rest and see the cute cupcakes.

This one made my mother. (CUTE)

From the side.

This one is made by me.

From the side.

I also made a little chanel purse..haha was a trial.

Couple days ago we made some cupcakes ^_^

and a few marzipan figures (lol @ poop)

Too bad i don't like the taste of sweetness,cake and marzipan.

We had so much fun making them and we are just in the beginning stage, so expect more photo's of these kind of cakes.


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  2. Oooohh is zonde om dat op te eten haha! Ziet er heerlijk en supercute uit! :D

  3. Oh geweldig! Dat wil ik ook zó graag een keer doen. :D Vind het wel knap hoor wat jullie allemaal gemaakt hebben, lijkt me best moeilijk!

  4. The designs are really cute. Is this for kids?
    I really love the designs.