Marloes, Daniele and i had about one week to test the easytones and now it's time to review them.

A few weeks ago I went to the store to buy a new pair of aerobic shoes.
When I saw the Reebok Reetones on a shelf in the store, I instantly wanted them.
They looked very cool and they are correcting your figure.
Very useful, until I saw the pricetag...
This is why I was very happy with the contest on
After reading the article I immediately send Anouk an e-mail.
I was very surprised that I won the contest.
After the shoes came in, I immediately put them on my feet to give them a testwalk.
I used them during work, sports and just for a nice walk.
When you walk with them it feels like you are bouncing.
I think that happens because of the pods on the sole.
One week is to short to give them a full test, but I think they can have an effect on my figure.


When i first tried the easytones they felt comfortable but a bit weird because of what is under the shoes.
A few minutes later i got used to it and now i like the feeling of it when i walk.
After a while wearing them i felt something in my legs, not a pain, but a working out sort of soft pain.
Then i knew that they must really work.
I definitely recommend easytones, they don’t look odd or platformy like some shoes do, and you can’t argue with toning your butt by 28% more than usual. :)


I'm not going to write a whole review, because i agree with what Marloes and Daniele had to say about them.
It's funny to see how the three of us are pleased with easytones.

But did the easytones gave us 'buns of steel'?

One week is too short to fully test them out if easytones gave us 'buns of steel', but i think the three of us will continue wearing the easytones and after a few weeks i will contact the 2 girls if they already have bun's of steel.
For now we can say that we are very pleased, we felt something after wearing the easytones, that they are comfortable and good looking. (for walking shoes)

I think i can speak for the three of us that we want to thank Reebok for the opportunity testing the Reebok easytones.
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

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I'm not wearing the lolita dress how real lolita's wear it :P

Cameo jewelry from Ooh la La

Moederdag komt er weer aan en wat is er nu leuker om op die dag je moeder eens flink in de watten te leggen met leuke cadeau's?
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Shirt: H&M
Skirt: Primark

LV inspired dress:
Chanel inspired jewelry:

It's time to announce the winners who are chosen to test the Reebok Easytone sneakers.

Are you excited??

Congrats girls, the easytones are on your way.

After a few days the 3 of us will share our experience here on my blog.
Let's see if we really get 'buns of steel' with Reebok easytones. :P

I've got to say 'thank you' to all the emails i've gotten from people who wanted to review these easytones.
Really nice and motivated emails.
Makes me wish i had more easytones that i could give you all a pair.

I've used random name/word picker to choose the winner and made a screenshot of them
...for who is interested.

It's such a beautiful day that i had to get out of my sweatpants and dress up!

Teehee my mother and i could not resist making more cupcakes and cake ^_^

Click below for detail photo's!!

My mother and i have been very creative with baking cake's and decorated them with marzipan. :-D

Our cakes the we made yesterday.

Click here if you want to see the rest and see the cute cupcakes.

I saw this tag on google and thought it would be nice to answer these questions and share them.

1) What is your favorite style to wear?
At the moment its mostly sweatpants and hoody's, because i don't get outside much i don't feel like dressing up.
(that's why i haven't been doing the outfit of the day post these last weeks)
But when i do feel like dressing up my style is so different most of the times.
When it's warmer outside i love to wear skirts and dresses. Chic and feminine.
Most of the time my style would be classy.

2) Who is your fashion role model?
I don't have a particular role model, but i really like the Blair from Gossip Girl style and Olivia Palermo's style.

3) What do you always have on?
I think this question is about jewelry…and i own a lot of jewelry so i change it all the time.

4) What is your favorite jeans?
I don't wear jeans, i don't like the way how they fit and i don't feel comfortable in them.

5) What are your favorite sunglasses?
Honestly the ones i got from primark or the market are fine by me.

6) What are your favorite shoes?
I also own a lot of shoes and mostly heels, so heels :P

7) Who influenced you to write about fashion.
I don't think this question really applies to me, because i don't write a lot about fashion…honestly i wish i had it more in me to write and i do want to write, but i have no inspiration at the moment.

8) What is your favorite store?
Primark, H&M and Zara.

9) Who is your favorite fashion person on internet?
At the moment it's Keikolynn

10) What is your favorite fabric?
I think Cotton and terlenka.

11) Who is your favorite model?
Kate Moss, Freja Beha and Keira Knightley (i know she is an actress, but she is so pretty)

12) If you had €5000 to spend on any one item, what would it be?
Just one item? A designer bag.

13) Heels or flats?
Heels! I love them, can walk on them and they can be so elegant.
(i'm already 5'8 without them :P )

14) What purse do you love to use?
oeh, difficult one…i have so many bags…i guess my most worn bag would be my Tommy Hilfiger bag.

15) Is fashion in your blood or your jeans?

That would be my blood, because i hate to wear jeans. :P

Thanks for reading and anyone who like's this tag…I TAG YOU!!

I'm supporting Kika...are you?

Kika Bracelet:

Blouse: Karl Lagerfeld
Pants: H&M
Heels: Primark

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Buns of steel with Reebok easytone sneakers
by just walking on them.
How is that possible?

Easytones are designed for every step that you take that they will strengthen the most important muscles from your but and legs.
Also important that they stylish designed the shoe's for every occasion (except if you are going to a party…but duhh!)

How does it work?

Under the heel and under the front foot of the heel are build in balance cushions.
The balance cushions are designed for natural instability with every step you take.
Which means that your muscles need to adjust and that will tighten the muscles.
You will feel it when you are walking.

Because they are so stylish designed you could wear them while you are going for a walk, walking the dog, school, work or maybe while you go shopping.
The great part is, you don't realize that you are working out with these shoes on.
The more you walk with them the more result you get.

Research shows that easytones are 3 times softer compared with normal walking shoes.

Even actress Eva Mendes is using them, she also is Toning ambassador.

She needs to have a body in perfect shape but has a busy life and with the Reebok Easytones it's a great solution for her.
Watch the video below if you want.

Sounds great right, taking the gym with you wherever you go?
Well, it's gets greater here on Noukster in the City.

Reebok asked me to test the easytones out myself and write a review on them.
Here is my pair of Reebok easytones.

First of all when you put them on your are a couple of cm longer :p and when you walk on them it's a strange feeling, which you get easily used to.
I must say the shoes are very comfortable, i've put them on when i got them and took them off a couple of hours ago.
(i was at home and had to take them off because i was making a lot of noise on the stairs whenever i was going downstairs)

Now comes the greater part, i just can't review them on my own...i need more people reviewing these easytones.

Which means Reebok has offered me the opportunity to
give 2 pairs of reebok easytone shoes AWAY!
say WHAT???

Yes, you read it correctly!

Which also means that you're experience with easytones will be published here on

So, my question to you is…
do you want some buns of steel by wearing Reebok easytones?

Email me @ and maby you will win a pair of Reebok easytone sneakers

I will choose 2 random winners on 19-04-2010 and publish the results here on
The 2 winners get both one pair of easytones!
Good luck!!