Perfect high heels at GoJane

Are you also a big high heel's lover and love to have many shoes in different colors that matches your outfits?
Well, i am ^_^

I see in stores the most beautiful color heels, but lately i think that all the pumps/heels i see are mostly the same kind that i already have.
Basic heels, basic wedges, maybe combined with 2 colors, but nothing special. Or i find a unique heel/pump that i like and when i turn them around and see the price…i put them as fast as i can back on the shell.
Do you know what i mean?

Well, i found an online store that offers unique, not standard heels/pumps for great prices.

I saw the perfect High heels for me there, they are quite simple but not that simple.
They are half heels and half wedges in the color taupe ^_^
I really like them a lot and i am so happy with them, because yesterday they arrived here.

Click if you want to see them:

Here are a few of my other favourite high heels from Go Jane.

I want them all XD So fashionable ^_^ Loving the wedges, they are new and i saw them today on GoJane.

They also sell a lot of clothes, bags, accessories and they even sell Prom dresses, shoes and accessories ^_^

I must say even though the store is in America they ship very fast, within less than 2 weeks i got my order (here in the netherlands) ^_^

On the website i saw a coupon code for free shipping over 50 dollar:
Click for more details on the coupon: ---> Coupon Code

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