My Lolita order from last week

On 10 March i ordered some lolita dresses and items from Bodyline and earlier this week they arrived here.
In less than a week an order from Tokio arrived here to the fast is that?!

Today i made some photo's of the stuff i got. ^_^

Black&white lolita dress.

Click if you want to see all the photo's ^_^

Blue bear dress.

Floral Skirt with cameo bow.

Bow on the back

Ice cream bag.


Cute shoes ^_^ The funny part of this was i wanted the shinny black one's and they were sold out, so i ordered plain black one' my surprise i got the shinny one's ^_^

Cute! ^_^
and best off all....THEY AL FIT...and they are not too short.
The dresses and skirt are such good quality i love it all and i am sooooo happy with all of it!

The black i am going to save for wearing it on my mother's birthday and the cute blue bear dress i only will wear it at home.
Too scared to wear it in public lol, but the black dress i will wear it in public it's not too childish.

Here are some crappy quality photo's of me wearing the dresses, when they came in i had to try them on and make a few photo's of them.
When i wear them for real i will make some better quality photo's.


  1. oooooooh!!!! so cute!!!! i like third outfit! its exactly for me!

  2. Lovely dresses! I like the accessories too, especially the yummy bag :D