Cute dress

Yaay finally the photo's turned out ok...i guess...
Yesterday and the day before i was taking some photo's of some new dresses and they ALL FAIL.
The lighting was pore, i was looking really stupid on the photo's...whatever i did, it did not work.
Until today, i thought...maby i should make some photo's downstairs...and it kinda worked..fjuw.
I wasn't in the mood to take the photo's again if these turned out also poopy.

Anywho, back to the point of this blog post.

you must and i say...YOU MUST see this website...the name says it all, 'Cute' 'Dress' they sell the most CUTEST DRESSES EVER!!!!!!!
...a little bit too enthusiastic, but how can i not!

For every occasion they have the perfect dress.
Wether you're looking for a going out, chic or casual dress at you probably succeed with the perfect dress.

and i..(yes i) have some cute dresses from

Click below on the read more link to see the other dresses i got ^_^

Beige chic dress

Chic light pink dress with bow.

Casual floral summer dress.

Black chic dress.

(this was one of the photo's from the day before yesterday) (carppyyyy photo LOL)

Really cute dresses ey?
I loving the site soooo much, such cuteness ^_^


  1. Thank you so much for tip to those sites!!! i love this style of dress!!! thanks!

  2. such an adorable blog! love it!!

    follow each other?

  3. So cute!
    That colour really becomes you.
    You always have good taste in clothes.

  4. Wauw, dat zijn inderdaad heel leuke jurkjes! :)
    Alleen vind ik ze een beetje kort :/


  5. Wauw, wat leuk!
    Ben een kijkje gaan nemen op die site, toffe spullen hebben ze.