I made some fan art for Doe deer from Crime Lime cosmetics in vector art style and she put it on her blog ^_^
Doedeere fanart CLICK

This is the original photo:

She is so pretty!!

What do you guys think of my art work?

Pupa nail polishes to the test.

Pupa's Lasting Color nail polishes.

Color: 292 light pink color.

Color: 299 mid blue color.

I've put them both on for a week on my regular nails (i have no acrylic nails anymore)
and i must say they really do what they supposed to do...they last long without chipping.
There easy to put on, you only need one stroke and they dry very quickly.

In short, the perfect nail polish.

Available at JohnBeerens.com


Do i really have to say more after seeing the above picture?
Candy for your eyes ^_^

Cotton Candies online store sells the most sweetest and cutest handmade t-shirts and bracelets for real fashionista's!

See it for yourself and i dare you not to be seduced to order it all!

Yaay finally the photo's turned out ok...i guess...
Yesterday and the day before i was taking some photo's of some new dresses and they ALL FAIL.
The lighting was pore, i was looking really stupid on the photo's...whatever i did, it did not work.
Until today, i thought...maby i should make some photo's downstairs...and it kinda worked..fjuw.
I wasn't in the mood to take the photo's again if these turned out also poopy.

Anywho, back to the point of this blog post.

you must and i say...YOU MUST see this website...the name says it all, 'Cute' 'Dress' they sell the most CUTEST DRESSES EVER!!!!!!!
...a little bit too enthusiastic, but how can i not!

For every occasion they have the perfect dress.
Wether you're looking for a going out, chic or casual dress at cutedress.nl you probably succeed with the perfect dress.

and i..(yes i) have some cute dresses from cutedress.nl.

Click below on the read more link to see the other dresses i got ^_^
Sorry that i haven't been able to post an outfit of the day.
I shall try to do it more often, i really like it so much to post outfits of the day.

Dress: Lv inspired work dress from Dressrepublic.nl
Belt: Primark
Heels: Primark
Bag: Louis Vuitton

Please do vote for me, the contest ends at 16 april.
Oh, i'm loving the lolita clothes soooo much that i could not resist buying some more.

This time i ordered a black cute coat and a whole black dress.

I really hope they fit me well!

You know what i wish, that you saw more lolita's here in the netherlands. I would makes friends with them and we all would join a lolita group and be super cute together. :P

On 10 March i ordered some lolita dresses and items from Bodyline and earlier this week they arrived here.
In less than a week an order from Tokio arrived here to the Netherlands...how fast is that?!

Today i made some photo's of the stuff i got. ^_^

Black&white lolita dress.

Click if you want to see all the photo's ^_^
This week there was a surprise waiting for me downstairs...
Vivi Clothes had send me an item from their online store.

Vivi Clothes is an online store that sells asian fashion clothes.
To my surprise they sell everything that is cute.
Make up, wig's, fun gadgets and they even sell Lolita clothes.

They gave me this cute lace dress with a bow on it.
(The dress was in my opinion too short for me, so i dressed it up with a black skirt under it)

Go see it for yourself, they have a whole lot!

You might have seen some Pupa make up items in my last make up tutorial video.
I thought it would be nice to show you what i all used and what i got.

Click below if you want to see the Pupa items.

Op Dealy vind je de beste aanbiedingen in je favoriete steden in één oogopslag.
Dealy brengt jou reusachtige kortingen tot 90% op alle soorten diensten in 9 landen en 546 steden: restaurants, bars, massages, theaters, film, concerten, wellness, reizen, sport!

Dealy heeft nu een win actie.

Dealy World Tour Contest 2011
Win de wereldreis van je dromen!

Enigste wat je hoeft te doen is naar deze site gaan: Dealy World Tour Contest, je gegevens invullen en wie weet maak jij wel kans op:

1e prijs
Jouw gepersonaliseerde wereldreis (Waarde: € 20 000)

2e prijs
iPad 2

3e prijs
10 personen winnen € 100
aan deals in je stad

Ik heb ook meegedaan ^_^

Now the winter is almost gone and it's becoming more pleased to walk outside without freezing your butt off, it becomes also pleased to get out these warm woolen sweaters and dress up more nicely.

For me at least, i'd love to wear dresses but when it's cold outside i hardly wear any dresses or skirts….brrr! >_< This time i found a web shop that sells the most fashionable, trendy and pretty dresses for non expensive prices. DressRepublic
They got cocktail/party, Mini, Summer, Maxi, Work, and little black dresses.

I saw this work dress and i immediately felt in love with it….it's an LV inspired dress ^_^

Besides dresses they also sell skirts, blazer, such fashionable bags and accessories that you must see it for yourself.

Elisabeth's Boudoir sells the most gorgeous antique mannequins.
If you are into the france vintage/ old english cottage home style like me you will appreciate this online store very much.

I got this one ^_^

I've chosen the whole black one, but you can also choose a whole white one, beige with dark brown ect.
They sell the mannequins in many difference color's and some have different sizes.

I'd love how the mannequin fits in the theme of my room.
It will also come very in handy when i buy a new clothing item to put it onto the mannequin for 'shopping haul' photo's ^_^

All items are from:
John Beerens

I FINALLY DID IT....i ordered some SUPER CUTE lolita items ^_^

I've been wanting a sweet lolita dress for so long now and a couple of years i made my own versions.
I always got so curious what a real lolita dress would be like, but the once's i would find were waaay over priced and i didn't want to pay so much for just a dress
(here in the netherlands they ask over the €200/€300 euro for a lolita dress)
So i found a japanese store with paypal 'BodyLine' and all the dresses were so much more cheaper that i could not resist buying a few lolita items.

I also could not resist to add at least one really cute dress, i was looking for items that i could wear in real life.
The black dress reminds me of a cuter version of a chanel dress ^_^

Now it's time to wait until my items are here from Tokio ^_^

I really hope they fit >_<
New Brand available at Lataza.

Flickz Noteboook, Ipad and Iphone sleeves, cases and bags.

If you are looking for glamorous notebook bag's, sleeves Ipad and Iphone cases you can choose from the wide assortment from 'Flickz'.
The great assortment of Flickz offers lot's of products with trendy colors.
For notebook, Ipad and Iphone, all products are functional, protective and very trendy.

Click below on the read more button to see & read more about Flickz and for the discount code.
Are you also a big high heel's lover and love to have many shoes in different colors that matches your outfits?
Well, i am ^_^

I see in stores the most beautiful color heels, but lately i think that all the pumps/heels i see are mostly the same kind that i already have.
Basic heels, basic wedges, maybe combined with 2 colors, but nothing special. Or i find a unique heel/pump that i like and when i turn them around and see the price…i put them as fast as i can back on the shell.
Do you know what i mean?

Well, i found an online store that offers unique, not standard heels/pumps for great prices.

I saw the perfect High heels for me there, they are quite simple but not that simple.
They are half heels and half wedges in the color taupe ^_^
I really like them a lot and i am so happy with them, because yesterday they arrived here.

Click if you want to see them:

Sweater: Zara
Blouse: Only
Blue Chino's: H&M
Paris Clock necklace: TopVintage.nl

Last saturday my father, mother and i went shopping in Breda and it was a fun day.
I bought some clothes from the last sale items at Zara and i bought a lot of presents for my mother's birthday.

My mom's birthday isn't until end of april :P
but i couldn't resist buying it when i saw it ^_^

I can't write more about the presents, because my mom sometimes read's my blog.

With that said, shall we go and take a lookie at what i bought?
Click on the read more button below if you want to see..

Blazer: H&M
Top: FashionMania
Pants: made them myself
Heels: Primark
Owl earings:FashionMania
Clutch: Vintage

haha lol, my first trial in adobe after effects cs5 ^_^

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Sorry that i haven't post an outfit of the day these last 2 days, i've been very busy >_<

Lace cardigan: Only
Pants: H&M
Wedges: New Look
Necklace: Claire's

I am entering the Blogger contest at Urban-Stiletto and off course i really would like to win,
and i really need you're help with this.

So my question to you is, would you all like to vote for me?
Pretty please??!! ^_^

Here is how you vote,
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