Stylish Blogger award

A couple of days ago i got a Stylish Blogger Award from Ellen (thank you Ellen) and i need to write 10 things about myself and give the Stylish award to someone else who i think deserves it.

Here goes:

1: I am 27 years old, but people think i am much younger than that...and i like it ^_^
(better than they think you look older...right?!)

2: I am such a nerd, i don't mean that in a bad way...but i really see myself as a nerd!

3: I wish i was younger with the knowledge i have now.

4: I wish i had the patience of reading a good book, but i rather go true a magazine because they have pictures in it :P

5: My mom and i are best friend, we know everything about each other.

6: When people say "wow, you must be mother and daughter, because you look pretty much the same"
I enjoy that. I honestly hope that i will look like my mother when i get older.

7: I have so many different style's of clothing, i change it every now and then.

8: I have a thing for shoes, bags and accessories.

9: For the last 6 years i have been working in computer store's. (see, that's why i think i'm also a nerd)

10: My mom and i are huge fans of Chanel and Dior.

Who i think deserves a Stylish award, that's easy...
Doe Deere


  1. Nice post!
    I clicked the Previous banners tab but there's only your last one :( Could you put them again? They are lovely!

  2. hey natalie, thanks for seeing that the banners were gone. I have put them back up again ^_^