Shopping Haul (primark, zara and sps)

Me and my mom did some shopping at primark,ect today ^_^
Click below on the read more button to see what i bought!

At Primark:


(close up from the jewelry)
necklace €3,-

2 flower rings €2,- this time they had blue and camel (my fav colors at the moment) ^_^

Love necklace €2,- the letters in the photo are screwed says "olve" instead op "love" :P

Heart Ring + ear studs €1,50 (i got them last time in a gold color)

Gold bow tie necklace €3,-


Close ups:

Flower €3,-

Birds €3,- (last time i got this one in brown)

Chanel'ish belt €2,-

and my mom got me these from new look, i thought they were £2,50 (she ordered them)

Scarf €4,- (on the photo it turned out a bit grey'ish, but it's with brown)
(i thought this will look very pretty with a beige trendcoat)

Panty €1,-

Ancle highs €0,50 ( i thought for €0,50 i will give them a try)

Hair bow €1,50

Vintage look bag €5,-

Cupcake t-shirt €3,- (€3,- oh gosh)

Irish leprechaun t-shirt €3,-

Doll face t-shirt €3,-

Flower cardigan €14,-

Basic top €2,50

I love pj's, seems like everytime i visit the primark i buy a pair of pj's :P
Pj's with cuttie hedgehog's on it ^_^ €7,-

At Zara:
Flower blouse €6,95

Cute kitten with lock bag €9,95

Then we were at a store called "superstar sps" and look what i bought there for soooo cheap!
A beige real lambskin leather jacket for only €34,95...omg how was that possible?

I tell you how,
the jacket's original price was €239,95 later on sale for €119,95 and this week they reduced it for €34,95 because it was the last one.
I think because it's a size xs it was still hanging there.
The girls who work in the store were so enthusiastic about the price, they all wanted to have that jacket, but none of them were able to fit in.

The girls there were so nice and so enthusiastic for me!

I'm so happy with it, because its sooo pretty and sooo soft leather ^_^

So that is what i did...i shopped aaa lot!


  1. Ik wil dat tasje zó graag. Dacht dat die allang weg was! Leuke aankopen!

  2. Great finds!!The belts and the love necklace are lovely!! :D:D:D


  3. woooow tof zeg die jas!
    oh en die riempjes,
    die kom ik allemaal stelen!

  4. wauw wat een leuke shoppost!
    ik volg je want je hebt een super leuke blog!

  5. Echt geweldige dingen geshopt! Ik wil zoooo graag een keertje naar de Primark maar da's een beetje ver weg voor mij.. :p (A) Maar ga er zeker eens heen. :)