Shopping Haul from!!!!

What's this...what's this??
It's a package from loveyourstyle, i ordered something there ^_^

Click below if you want to see what i got.

First of all, how fashionable is this? Pink wrapping paper ^_^ So cute!

I got 2 items of the new collection and i am in love with them!

See true top from Gestuz and light blue top from SNOB.

The online store Love your style offers a whole lot of brand new items and they are so lovely.

You can see all the new items at
They are still adding new items, so be sure to check the site now and then.


  1. Oooh, they have nice clothes! :) The pink wrapping paper is great :D

  2. yes they really do ^_^
    The pink paper gives an extra joy when you get the package ^_^