New stuff from Top Vintage

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You probably already saw it in an previous 'outfit of the day' message,
i've ordered some items from

TopVintage is an online store that sells exclusive new retro 50s 60s dresses, Pin up clothing style from Pinup Couture, lot's of vintage jewelry and pretty shoes.

I got the 50s handmade Viva Frida aqua frock pleated circle dress.

Matching 40s Mary Jane Vanity Lipstick Red lak pumps from PLEASER.

Montre ancienne Le Tour Eiffel clock necklace from PARIS WITH LOVE!
It's a beautiful medallion with the eiffel tower on it, tres chique!

If you open it you have a vintage look clock.

Even the back has it's fine structure.

Petit montre Owl clock necklace FROM PARIS WITH LOVE!
This medallion is a bit smaller that the eiffel tower one.

Also the details on this medallion clock has such fine structure.

Audrey Hepburn cameo necklace FROM PARIS WITH LOVE!

Black Camera necklace FROM PARIS WITH LOVE!
As photography is one of my biggest hobby's i really needed this necklace ^_^


Top Vintage offers a beautiful variety in vintage jewelry, clothes, shoe's and accessories.
They offer a lot of items for great prices, only sell top quality, have fast delivery, and they are really kind too!
If you like the vintage style like me, i suggest you visit this store.

All photo's are made by me and are now also visible at the webshop! ^_^


  1. Oooh, they have some nice stuff :D

  2. :-D yes indeed, i really love what they offer ^_^